After spending more than 4 years developing and building our brand - Manic Muscle Labs, we decided to take the next obvious step and begin offering our brand to the wholesale market.
Whether you're an online store, bricks and mortar store, a gym or a PT - you could benefit from our wholesale prices.
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Quality Products

We source the best quality raw ingredients and manufacturers to produce all of our Sports & Health range. Our USP is our bespoke formulas, capsule blends and the amount of servings most of our capsule products offer compared to our competitors.

Quality Assured

Each new batch of any single product is batch tested to show the total contents in each capsule or scoop. This is carried out at a contactable government approved facility for peace of mind.

Certified quality

All of our products are manufactured in a GMP and FDA approved facility & are NON GMO. All capsule products are Vegan friendly.

Competitive Pricing

We believe we have priced our wholesale products very competitively in the current market, allowing our customers a healthy profit margin.



I am absolutely blown away by how good this product is but what is even more incredible is the flavour. Not sour at all and really nice to drink.

Im an avid Pre-Workout user and have been for many years (have taken rests to not become completely tolerant) and I must say this is the best tasting Pre that i've had. The BananaBerry tastes exactly as it says, you get the initial banana taste whe you first drink it but that then settles to a lovely Berry flavour, similar to the old school chewing gums you used to get with the fake tattoos in them haha. The mix of ingredients is perfect and gives you a nice balance of clean energy with no crash or sleepless nights (I train on an evening and had no problems here) Highly recommned and arrived in very quick time too!

Honestly don’t think I could be without these now! Amazing communication and advice given before purchasing, knowledgeable and informative company. I have been taking these for about 1/2 months and have lost over a stone. Boosted my workouts to the next level and the difference in my motivation and mental focus is unreal. 10/10 product couldn’t recommend enough.

I've been using this for 3 weeks now and I certainly notice a difference with my workouts. I combine this with a pre-workout (ABE) and it's definitely given me a boost. (I was using ABE before starting this)

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